Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of travelling by Arax
 Dear tourists,
By registering in each of Arax travelling services means that you have accepted the following items, please read the following terms and conditions and if it is accepted, participate in Arax traveling programs.

A. General rules
1. Arax is a registered company and is subjected to the Laws of Islamic Republic of Iran. So, all of the Laws of I.R. Iran are binding in Arax travelling such as:
Shipments and the use of the prohibited items and instruments which are mentioned in the law as a crime are also prohibited in Arax programs.
2. Wearing dress based on the law and rules of I.R. Iran is necessary.
3. Bringing any sort of animals (even pets) is inhibited during the travelling.
4. Bringing any material which is dangerous for your health and/or other passengers’ is strictly prohibited.
5. Tourists are demanded to respect religious, legal and moral affairs and obey the group programs and rules. Otherwise, the responsibility of their actions is on their own.
6. Men are not allowed to wear cycling shorts when they are crossing the rural regions where the residents do not accept the cycling cloths, and in case of any problem, the person trespassing is responsible for the consequences.

B. Moral rules
1. Arax is a company committed to the principles of eco-tourism. Eco-tourism is a journey to natural areas with responsibility which leads to protect the environment and improves the quality of life of local residents. So, please consider the following terms while travelling by Arax:
2. In order to avoid damaging the nature, using any disposable dishes is prohibited and it is necessary to bring personal dishes. Therefore, all tourists are demanded to avoid bringing any disposable dishes which are not degradable in order to prevent environmental pollution.
3. We attempt not to affect the environment except our foot- and tire-prints. So, please avoid discard your trashes, whether small or big (such snip, foods wrapping, hand tissues, etc.) in the nature and avoid any action which is harmful for any living species such as plants and animals.
4. We oblige ourselves to respect the native culture and we are committed to this responsibility. So, Arax passengers are oblige to respect for all host’s social norms such as culture, traditions, language, dialect, cloths, belief and etc.
5. We help the local economy to be improved and protect the culture of the region by buying the native products and avoiding giving any money to the native people.
6. Never take any photograph without permission from private places and local people and nomads (particularly women and children) and pay resection to the holy places.
7. Attempt to improve and protect the natural uniformity of the visited places.
8. Respect for the cultural sensitivities.
9. Depart the visited place after you cleaned the place thoroughly.
10. Don’t upset the peace of the wildlife.
11. Never buy the products which are made from animals endangered to extinction.
12. Recognize the traditional believes of local people and respect them.
13. Avoid cutting the plants in nature and enjoy them by taking photos, instead.
14. Never promise the local people and nomads which are not practical.
15. Wear dress consistent or fit in rural and nomadic environment.
16. Advertising any pyramid companies or introducing any political, economic, cultural, religious and … activities is not allowed.
17. The right to publish the pictures and the videos of the trip, is only for the administrator responsible for travel, and publishing them is possible only by the authorization of the company and approval of the people who are already in the images. Therefore please do not publish or release any of the pictures without permission of the people who are involved in. 
18. If you have certain diseases, certain drug taking, or if you are allergic to a certain food or drug, you have to necessarily notify the registration person at the time of your registration and also at the beginning of the trip, you should inform the travel guide and the executive staff of the trip whereabouts of your medications.
19. Any problems and expense arising from a lack of Physical fitness or a lack of awareness of the physical condition of the tourists or any potential diseases during the trip, would be their own responsibility of the tourists.
20. If you observe a particular diet or are a vegetarian, inform the register participants before traveling and announce the program administrator during the travel to seek for existing facilities based on your needs in order to a cooperation with you.
21. Being on time is beneficial to you and is a part of your fellow travelers' rights. The delay of a few people in the group could lead to a delay of the whole group and the loss of time and opportunity. So by your delay, the group by the comment of the administrator (by taking the security items, etc.) can start the scheduled program and has no responsibility for your possible costs of joining the group.
22. Group travelling is an opportunity for practicing teamwork. Therefor please respect for each other’s or supervisors’ tastes and demands and avoid individual actions, bothering other fellow travelers and etc.
23. Although, Arax pays attention for providing the best safety conditions for the entourage of the group; but will not accept any responsibility for the accidents or incidents due to travelers' negligence and/or disregard the advices of the travel guide(s), individual action or any other actions which are not coordinate or are in contrast of the program or activities of the group.
24. Given that the trips of Arax is generally accompanied with cycling by different levels of hardness (light, medium and heavy), so check out carefully yours and your companion's physical forces/fitness and their compliance with the announced level of the program. Therefore do not consider good travel attractions solely as a criterion of choice on the trip. The benchmark of the level of the hardness of a program is quite relative and a the level of trip can vary for different people with different abilities, for the same reason the criteria of hardness announced by Arax is based on the experience considering the average ability of people
25. According to the type and conditions of the journey, the means of your requirements with you bring your requirements with you.
26. The use of the hookah (Shisha) is not allowed during the trip, as well as in order to respect the rights of fellow, PIP and smoking in public places also will not be allowed.
27. Avoid any dangerous jokes/pranks during the journey, otherwise in case of occurrence of any accident caused on this way, the responsible person is responsible for all of the consequences.
28. Participation of all the individuals in Arax travel plans is subject to the notice and allow of the families of each person and participation of all persons in Arax trips confirms this notice and permission. Participation of all people under the 18 in travels is subject to the prior written permission or accompaniment of the superintendent.
29. Registration and participating in trips means that the passenger him/herself with all knowledge would take the responsibility of every possible accident during the trip. Therefore the tourist, his/her family, or his/her lawyer has no right of keeping track or any complaints against the administrators or other crews of the tour in case of any accident.
30. The difficulties and the problems or other conditions of trips will be mentioned as much as possible by the administrators in the website before every trip. Passengers’ participation in tours means that they are full informed of the conditions, difficulties and shortcomings.
31. The tourist is trustee / in charge of the items (bicycle, tent, hat and gloves and etc.) which are provided by Arax for them. So, in case of any damages to mentioned facilities (in any form) the tourist would be obliged to pay for the compensation.
32. The tourist would be obliged to pay for the compensation by damaging every natural/historical/cultural works, or damages to the accommodation, or the means of transport etc.

C. Insurance conditions
1. All the participants in every trip from the beginning to the end of the trip would be under the civil liability insurance coverage. The insurance conditions for each trip are different and the rate of pay for treatment and compensation on behalf of the insurance company which fits the type of travel is different.
2. In case of any accident eather tourist’s financial or physical lost, the supervisor would does his best for receiving the compensation from the insurance company. But, in case of failure, The administrators or leaders of trips themselves would not be responsible for paying any compensation in direct. The amount of compensation for death or defects in any part of the body is in accordance with the maximum compensation which is set by the laws of the I.R. Iran and the cost of medical treatments each year, is determined according to an agreement between the company and the insurance broker.
3. In case of accident and increase of the costs of medical treatments more than the amount guaranteed by the insurance, this company wouldn’t be responsible for suppling the remaining medical costs.
4. Except cycling, all other dangerous activities such as swimming, diving, motorcycle riding, 4-wheel motorcycles riding, kite flying, paragliding and so on are not covered by the insurance contract and performing any of them is not allowable during the trip. Every accident because of these activities is all on the tourist her/himself responsibility.
5. According to the terms of the insurance for announcing the list of travelers to the insurance company, the only people whom are covered by the insurance are those who had completed their registration and payed the bills 24 hours before the trip .
6. Every damages arising from failure to use equipment in cycling (bicycle helmet gloves and goggles for cycling) will not be covered by insurance.

D. Accommodation
1. Assigning the rooms to the people in hotel and how to deploy people in local homes or tents , depends on the number of the persons and the capacity of the hotel or the local home. Arax does not promise to provide private rooms for the tourists (even for the couples). However, Arax would do its best to provide them the best accommodation in accordance of the accommodation facilities.
2. Rustic houses usually have the lowest facilities and even sometimes they lack electricity and tap water .
3. Accommodation in camping trips would be in tents with capacity of 3 or 4 persons which is approved by Arax. Arax does not promise to provide private tents for the tourists (even for the couples). However, Arax would do its best to provide them the best accommodation in accordance of the accommodation facilities.
4. In each area Arax tries to use the best of its tourist facilities (according to the cost of the trip) , but by considering the limited resources of tourism in some regions low level of quality hotels and rural houses has to be chosen for accommodation which certainly has shortcomings. Therefore, it is expected that Arax’s fellow traveler fully understand these deficiencies.

E. Transportation
1. The type of vehicle which is used for the tours depends on the number of persons enrolled in travel and the travel motion path (asphalt, sand,dirt,etc.).
2. During multi days travels no seat number of the vehicle assign to any individual and the seats are rather to be circulating and switching between passengers.
3. Due to the limitation of space in vehicles, Carrying only one backpack per person are allowed and the weight of the backpack should not to be over 20 kg and and it’s dimension must not exceed the ordinary. Heavy baggage is all over your own discomfort and is trouble for yourself. Therefore, it is recommended to travel with low weight baggage as far as possible.
4. Please, bring along your essential accessories which are needed during your journey in the vehicle, on a handy rucksack or small Pack into the vehicle. Bring out your luggage or pack of "load compartment" along the journey would be troublesome for either the leaders or yourself.
5. The responsibility of the protection of property, cash and funds of tourists is on their own and they are also responsible for carrying their own equipment and bike . Arax is not responsible for any missing property.
6. Families are responsible for the care of their children and Arax does not accept any responsibilities.
7. The responsibility of the tourists’ belongings and trip equipment during the whole trip is on the passengers own and any damages to the passenger’s load or bike during the trip by any accidental happening, is not the responsibility of Arax.

F. Itinerary (Travel program)
1. For a declared destination by Arax you can register in group or solo. The one who is contacting Arax, as a representative of a group registration is obliged to inform his/her entourages about all items in the contract and Arax is not responsible for their lack of information.
2. Before registration the tourist must be aware of all terms and conditions by reading it totally or has to request for getting information from Arax’s staffs about all the provisions and conditions of the travel, and the items in the contract; thus the responsibility of any loss or damage due to the lack of information is on her/his own.
3. Arax would not be responsible on occurrence of any unexpected event or other bugs such as environmental, technical, or weather conditions that is out of control and lead to alter the program,. On these circumstances Arax calls for patience and collaborating of the fellows.
4. Leader or administrator of the trip based on the conditions will decide for alternate programs on which have to be altering because of the unexpected events. The tourists must be assured that the decision which is made would be the best on those conditions and collaborating will be the best help for improving the situation.
5. Since most of the areas which have been selected for cycling are wild and pristine and there are junctions and multiple paths and some other complications, tourist must always ride behind the leader.
6. Tourists should never ride out of the track and must not stop more than needed without coordination with the authorities.
7. The guide with regard of his experience and some existing condition would decide to change the track to reach to another destination rather than the point that has been announce as the end of the route, thus disobedience and individual movement toward the determined destination is not permitted at all.
8. Due to the nature of travel with bicycle with regard of physical strength, rate of unexpected condition, etc.; it is possible that during the journey, the time of eating, rest or sleeping to be altered and/or it is possible that because of the time (day/night) or unexpected events or bad weather, environmental, or local  conditions,  the length of the route of riding become shorter or longer. 
9. Before starting a cycle trip, the tourist has to be sure about the condition of its bike and the necessary cervices of the bike must be done before. She/he has to bring along the essential equipment and special wrenches of the bike for repairing in case of technical defects for repairing during the trip.
10. Arax has right to cancel the trip in the event the number of registered passengers does not reach to the extent and in the event of compulsory changes of the terms of trip.
11. In all of the trips having along a national ID card/birth certificate/passport will be needed thus it is obligatory to have it along during the trip.
12. Requesting for canceling the trip should be done either by a tourist or official representative in person and in written form .
13. The necessary personal equipment for each trip will be informed by Arax in its itinerary on the site.

G. During the trip
1. By receiving the full cost of the travel according to the agreement, Arax is committed to do its tasks in framework of the itinerary; but accepts no responsibility for costs related to unexpected events, diseases, and the creation of personal damages in any way and in any location by the tourists or his/her entourage and in this case, the person obligated to pay the cost of it will be.
2. Please be on time at the announced start point of the trip; If any of the passengers would not be present in right time at the starting point of the trip, Arax would not accept any responsibility and refunding the cost of travel.
3. The amount of physical ability necessary for every trip is set in its itinerary. Please select the trips based on your capabilities otherwise, with regard of superintendent's opinion; he would prevent your presence on some trips which would be difficult for you or troublesome for the others. The superintendent has not any responsibility or liability for the person who does not pay attention to his opinion.
4. Considering that the natural environment is insecure, the tourists must always be along the other tourists and pay attention to the travel tips and alerts of the authorities and in all stages of the journey do not separate from the others unless with travel administrator discretion this would be possible
5. Respect the rights of the tourists and fellow travel and avoid all acts that are prohibited in the convention and the law and unethical. If a tourist does not respect the right of the others and lead to a tension in the group and that overshadows the itinerary, the administrator of the trip will act according to the legal regulations of the country.
6. With regard to the existence of wild animals and vermin in the natural areas of Iran,  uncontrollable climatic conditions, the presence of contaminants in air, water, and foods of natural areas, and ... hereby the tourist accepts that he/she will be personally responsible for any accident and illness in this regard.
7. If the police authorities prevent the entrance of tourists to the destination set by any reason, the tourists are required to comply with the orders and Arax will not be responsible for any liability.( If there was enough time and the necessary facilities existed, the supervisor can relocate the travel and the tourist has to obey the guide ).
8. Whenever the passenger transportation vehicle during the travel broke down due to technical defects and so on, the replacement of the vehicle is the responsibility of Arax and the time required for the replacement of the vehicle and the delay in the implementation of the program would be accepted by tourist.
9. Lack of attention and not complying with the cases cited by the supervisor during the trip including high speed more than limit on the path, off-road tours out of the  programs of Arax, and/or not to use any personal travel essentials such as helmet, gloves, special goggles for cyclin, and standard bike, etc. may damage the tourist and every lost/damages because of these activities is all on the tourist her/himself responsibility and Arax do not accept any responsibility on these cases.
10. Race, competition, or showoff are not the concepts of the Arax tours but act in group, helping other fellows, and good moral are; therefore that make these sort of trips enjoyable.
11. By passing through the private gardens in the region, tourists are not allowed to picking fruits without the permission of the owner.
12. The responsibility of maintaining the bike during the journey, at the place of rest, and especially overnight stay is on tourists own

H. The condition of cancellation of  travel
Consider that for every different travel a lot of planning is done, so the cancellation of the trip, by each of the tourists will cause the disruption to the casts of all of this planning; moreover the closer to cancel the travel to the time of travel it would be more troublesome for the administrator. Thus there are inevitably fines specific for cancellations.
1. 5%, from the time of registration up to 30 days prior to travel
2. 10%, from 29 to 15 days prior to travel
3. 20%, between 14 to 7 days prior to travel
4. 40%, between 6 to 4 days prior to travel
5. 60%, between 3 to 1 days prior to travel
6. 80%, between 24 to 12 hours prior to travel
7. 100% less than 12 hours prior and not participating in trip
Note: The amount of deduction is from the fee of the trip and in case of renting bicycle the fee will refund totally to the tourist.