Frequently Asked Questions

The Contents of this text are classified based on the following points:
- Tourism Destinations (time tables and directions for each destination and)
- Participation requirements for the tours
- Classification of the tours of ARAX
-Required facilities and equipment
-Transport of bicycles and tourists
- Insurance coverage and medical services
- Presentable services in tours
- Presentable services in trips
- Arax tours’ fees

___________________________ Tourism Destinations (timetables and directions for each destination)___________________________

What does Arax mean?
-Arax is an Armenian name of Aras River in North-west border of Iran. With greatest respect to the Armenians, this is not an Armenian group. This name is chosen by the happy and lively team based on  the beauty, significance , and liveliness of this attractive river.

Can everyone participate in Arax tours?
Yes, everyone who  is interested in the nature and want go into the nature, can travel by Arax given that they have safe and proper equipment in accordant with the environment.
Below, you will see that it is not necessary to be a cyclist to attend Arax tours.

How long is Arax active?
Arax was born in October of 2009 (:
Where and How does Arax travel?
According to the length of each trip, all of the cities of Iran no matter how far or close can be one of the Arax’s destinations. Climate and tourism attractions are the main considerations of choosing each tour. Sightseeing and visiting the historical monuments are other main points of choosing the destinations.
- Based on the length of the trips, our means of transport differs from minibus to bus or trains.
- Minibus is the most widely used tool  of transport in our group as it  is equipped with a cargo fastener for bikes.
-Transfer of bikes to the destination is as an one of the services provided by the Arax group.

  Do you cycle to reach the urban destinations in Tehran?
-No, tourists will be taken to the place with minibus. Cycling starts when we reach the

When Arax normally organizes the tours?
-As the majority of the members are either students or employed, most of the tours take place during national holidays or weekend (Fridays).
I will participate alone, will I have a good time? Is the ambiance of the group appropriate for me?
- Usually, in each tour, there will be at least 3 to 4 new participants. , So do not worry, You will not be alone! Also,  Arax group is known for their friendly and hospitality. We make sure that you will have happy moments in the group.

What is the average cycling distance in each trip?
-In type B tours between 20 to 30 kilometers
- In type A tours between 30 to 45 kilometers
Please find the related information to each of type (A and B) tours in "classification of  Arax’s Tours" section.

Do you cycle during winter or rainy weather ?
-One of the benefits of cycling in comparison to other sports is the possibility of cycling and enjoying this sport during all seasons of the year.
The enjoyment of cycling multiples in autumn and winter with proper cloths. Try it yourself! Since you feel warm during cycling, there is no need for a lot of wearing and warm cloths . We recommend you try it at least once.

  When is time of your departure and return in one- day trips?
Depending on the distance, time of departure would be either 1 am or 5 am. Generally, the return time is 22 to 23 p.m.

___________________________ Participation requirements for tours___________________________

Can employed people travel with Arax?
-Our tours are normally during the holidays or weekend. So, those who work can also join us and refresh their spirit for the next working week.

Is having a bike obligatory for participating in tours? If we don’t have a bicycle, can we accompany the group?
-Having a bicycle for participating in type B programs (normal tours) is not obligatory because  you can rent a suitable bicycle for day with little expenses and enjoy the trip. In addition to renting you a bike, we also provide you with special helmets and gloves.
-Mountain bikes are made of light  material and have gears and shock absorber to support you for mountainous routes.
- In the following you can find the fees for hiring a bike.

It is a long time since I last cycled, can I still join you?
-If you have cycling experience at least in childhood, that would be sufficient to start the tours with us. Our experienced and supportive team (we always have a backup car) will accompany you; therefore, you would not need to be perfectly fit to join us as you would gradually increase your strength; same as other team members who started just in the same way.

If we don’t know how to ride gear bikes, would we be still able to participate in tours?
-During time the trip, our coach and technical staff will teach you appropriate way of riding gear bikes.
How can I become a member of your group?
-You need to go to the "membership-services" section of our website; you can fill out your membership form. Membership is free of charge for everyone. Afterwards, the weekly program will be texted to your mobile (cellular) phone.

Which skills will be needed for accompanying the group? Should one be an athlete?
-For participating in programs, it is not needed to be a professional cyclist or being an athlete. Everyone can join our type B tours with any level of physical strength. Because cycling in type B tours is recreational and if anyone felt  tired, they can go inside the supporting car (the bike will also be carried)  and continue the journey while having a rest on the car  then whenever felt ready would re-start and go on the path. We do not just cycling or run cycling championships but we mean to enjoy nature by cycling.
- Arax staff will let you enjoy the journey by providing you the necessary support and help during the entire trip

Can ladies become a member in of your group?
- At the moment, 27% of the members of our group are ladies. So, yes! We do our best to create safe and female friendly environment. , We are quite known of providing the best atmosphere for women to feel comfortable and safe.

Given that people with different abilities participate in your programs, how these tours are controlled and arranged?
- In all trips, there are 2 experienced leaders or gauids, one is selected as forerunner and one is selected as back-runner who is moving beyond the last person and is in charge to help those persons who needs support.
How can I be informed of your trip programs constantly?
-With entering into section of "membership-services" present in site and importing your personal particulars, you will be a member of the group freely and programs will be sent to you by a system of SMS weekly.

If  I changed my Telephone number, how can I update the changes?
-It is only enough to notify this issue by texting (sending an SMS) the supervisor of the group.
How can I notice which trip suits my abilities in order to participate?
In specifications of each program of a trip, scale of difficulty of a route shows with a figure;   if you understand these figures, you can notice rigidity of a route:
-1 out of 6: very simple route (asphalt and mainly without slope).
-2 out of 6: simple routes (asphalt and or dirt roads with very low slopes).
-3 out of 6: simple to medium routes (dirt roads with mild up/down-slopes).
-4 out of 6: medium routes (dirt roads with relatively sharp up/down-slopes).
-5 out of 6: difficult routes (dirt roads with sharp up/down-slopes mostly up slopes).
-6 out of 6 very difficult routes (dirt roads with sharp up/down-slopes / technical sections / off-road)
How the participants are informed about the weather condition?
-Participators will be informed of the climate circumstances in the specifications of each program.

What is the application deadline for each tour?
- Considering the planning and administrative processes such as insurance etc. tourists have to confirm their participation at last 2 days before the trip. Of course, the registration is determined on the basis of minibus capacity and it is possible that a day after the plan is out, the capacity could be full, hence, no space for new registrations. So, it is suggested that if you are willing to participate, register as soon as possible.

Is there an age limit for participating in programs?
- No. the only important thing is ability. Our members are in range of 11-60 years old.

If we intend to buy a bicycle, can we get guidance from Arax staff?
- Free consultation and discounts are the benefits that Arax offers to the members. It is evident that the final selection of the bicycle is up to you and then you can benefit from the discounts of Arax by having an introduction letter to buy your bicycle from the bicycle sails representative agencies.

Would it make a problem for the group to have women cyclists?
- Given that by the corporation of  ladies, with considering  a proper wearing ,and  the healthy and athletic atmosphere of our tours, there has never been such a problem in our tours. By the considerations of all of our cyclists members, we would be sure that our tours continue without such problems.

Do you hold a teaching class for those who do not know cycling?
- We have a two-day workshops of introduction to bicycle and cycling techniques. You can learn the primary skills of cycling in theory and practice. This will prepare you to take part in Arax’s tours.
For participating in Arax’s tours, the most important factors are love for the nature and having appropriate manners for group trips
Considering that Arax is located in Tehran, is it possible for other people living out of Tehran to participate in the programs?
-90% of Arax members, are residing in Tehran and suburban areas, but we don’t have any limitations for participation of those who are residing in other places

Does Arax programs only limit to cycling?
-The main aim of Arax trips is biking but others activities are sometimes done in combination with the cycling program such as nature tourism (caving, swimming in the river and sea, hiking. etc.).
Is it possible to participate without bicycle? particularly in multi-days trips in which there are other attractions than cycling.
- In most of the situations it is not possible because coordination of the participants without bicycle with others who have bicycle would be difficult and they won’t enjoy their trip, but in trips which are merely visiting the nature this would be possible.

On average, how many participants can participate in each trip?
- According to the registration number for each of the tours on one hand, and the type of the route and the ability of the buses or minibuses on the other  hand , the number of tourists are from 18 to 40 people on each trip

___________________________The pick-up time and locations________________________________

Usually, where is the pick-up location of the tours? Is it possible to join a group in other location?
The location is Argentina Square-Tehran. There the bicycles are loaded on the vehicle. So, considering the time needed for adding a new bicycle during the route, often it is not possible to join at the other location on the route.

Usually, when is the departure time of the transport vehicle?
- It deffers depending on the destination and the type of the trip, it can be any time but usualy 1 am or 5 am

_______________________________________Arax tours classification _____________________________________

Our tours in Arax are classified into two groups:
A) Professional Tours:
- Off-road and adventurous route. It is suitable for those who are adventurous and like taking risks.

B) Ordinary Tours:
- Simple routes for biking with several tourism attractions . These tours are recommended for those who have started biking  recently.
- The presence of a support vehicle during the trip and renting bicycles for those who do not have their own bike is of the services of these tours.

Arax’s goal is to create a new and joyful experience for you.

__________________________________Necessary facilities and equipment__________________________________

What types of bicycles are used in programs?
Mountain-specific bicycles with the following features:
Shock absorber in the front
Significant tread tires
The brand of the bicycle is not important but it is recommended to use standard bicycles for the trips.

Are there special clothes required for accompanying the group?
-No just sport cloths is sufficient with appropriate cycling helmet gloves and sunglasses (goggles with a plastic frame) are necessary for protection.
-Helmet and gloves will be provided for the tourists who rent bicycle from the group.
What are the suitable clothes for a trip?
In cycling tours it would be better to wear fewer cloths as much as possible during the cycling, since due to sport activities, the body temperature would rise up which leads to the warmth of the body. But, it is recommended to have a warm cloth to make use in the vehicle or at the time of eating lunch when there is no activity. During cycling your warm cloths and other facilities would be transported by the vehicle.
- Suitable sport shoes
- Trip specific/comfortable  pants
- Cycling specific pants or shorts (with pad and tight legs) (if it is not available, you can keep the legs of your trousers using a band, rubber or a garter not to get stuck into the pedals/stirrup while cycling)
Participants have to wear long pants in order to respect for local communities .sometimes on the supervisor’s discretion, men can wear short pants . So in particular situations bringing long pants is necessary .
- Suitable sport cloth which is not too loose
- Sport rain coat in districts and seasons when there would be rain
- A set of under wears for multi-days trips for each day of camping

Should we have tools for fixing punctured tires? If our tire is punctured in a route ,  what should we do?
- Each of participators who bring their own bicycle should also bring their own equipment to fix punctured tires.
- Those who rent a bicycle do not need to have  these tools.
In case of emergencies, the technical staff will provide you the services to fix the punctured tire.

Is it possible to participate with normal sun-glasses?
-It is possible, but  given that falling off the bike is quite normal and happens frequently, it is much safer to use sports sun-glasses that do not have any metallic parts. In case of any incidents the sports sun-glasses will minimize the probability of injuries.

Is it possible to change clothes in 1-day trips or is it necessary to wear sport cloths from the beginning?
-The participants are given 10 minutes to change their clothes inside the mini-bus while the staff are preparing the bikes.

Where could we keep our back pack and personal tools during the trip?
-It’s better to carry water and snacks with you in a light backpack during biking, but the rest of your personal belongings would be kept inside the mini-bus.

How much equipment can we bring?
- Taking into consideration the above notes regarding the equipment, each participant would need to bring a light and small backpack for the one-day trips and a medium size backpack for the multiple-day trips.

Is it possible to get helmet, gloves and cloths from the team?
- Yes. We introduce Araxshop which professionally provide cycling devices; including cycling equipment and necessary cloths in variety of ranges as well as the approved brand of bicycles in much affordable prices.
The web address: www.shop.AraxMTB.com
Those who want to visit the shop in person, see the address of the Office of  Arax  .

Is height one of the criteria for renting a bicycle? does the bike selection differs for the short or tall people?
-Yes, for this purpose we would ask the participants’ height if they would like to rent bikes from us, so that we could provide them with the appropriate bike.

______________________________Bikes and tourists’ transportation_____________________________________

How would the bicycles be transported?
- Bicycles are loaded on transport vehicle which has special roof rack for bike transport .   

____________________________Medical services and insurance coverage__________________________________

Are the participants provided with primary medical services?
-Yes, the leaders of  Arax  have  passed  the first aid courses and  have necessary equipment to provide these services.
In case of any accident for a tourist during the trip, how would it be covered by the insurance policy?
- Each registered person on the tour is covered by the accident insurance civil liability up to 150,000,000 Rials for injuries cases and up to 2,200,000,000 Rials for death.
- If a tourist is injured during a trip he/she must inform the Arax’ office within one day of the incident for opening the medical file. Then by getting the necessary treatment he/she should keep all the invoices. After given time for the treatment he/she should give the invoices to the insurance company which is under contract with Arax, to get the costs of treatments.
It is obvious in case of not informing the injury in time (within 24 hours), it would not be possible to open a case with the insurance company and no costs would be covered.
Some parts of the follow up with the insurance company are covered by the Arax team and the rest would be the insured individual’s responsibility.

______________________________________Services provision in trips___________________________________

What are the tour services?
- Services in one-day tours include: transfer of the tourists and their bikes, breakfast, supporting vehicle, complete insurance coverage, tour leader and cycling coach.
- services for multiple-day tours ,  in addition to the services of the one-day tours is local accommodation  and one portion of warm food per day.

Where is the accommodation during the multiple-day tours?
- We often use two types of accommodation: A) local residential houses and  B) dormitory
- Selection of these places is due to the comfort and low costs.

A) local houses:
- Local house is called to a type of house in which the local residents live and are not necessarily old. The number of the rooms often would be less than the participants’ number, so the equipment has to be used with consideration and respect to others. The building’s equipment, and the material that the house is built of are different in relation to the local climate and the owner’s financial situation. The places are normally suitable for few days of residency.

Facilities of such houses:
An Iranian toilet
A kitchen with primary facilities for cooking food and a kettle
A small refrigerator
Water or gas air conditioners
Such places are safe enough for the participants to keep their equipment but it is the tourist’s responsibility to take care of their personal belongings.
In such houses often there is only one bathroom, but considering the number of passengers, it may not be possible to use by all the members.
Beds are sometimes available, but again the number of beds would be limited. So it is highly recommended to bring your own sleeping bag (you can consult with the team’s supervisor in this regard).
In these houses the passengers have to accept the situation of group residence. Male and females will be accommodated in separate rooms.
There would be possibility to allocate a room to the members of a family based on the situation of the building, but in most of the cases this is not possible.
Some of the buildings are equipped with TV.
Cutlery is not often provided in these houses, so it is recommended to bring your own cutlery.
Such buildings have carpets and the tourists can sit on the ground and sleep on their beds or in sleeping bags.
Tourists should consider the fact that these residential houses are not as comfortable and equipped as their own home or hotels.

B) Dormitory:
- Usually, governmental / semi-governmental institutions like universities, schools, teacher training centers, and Red Crescent possess these types of residential places. In some of deprived regions, these dormitories which usually are the places of living of students or sport/recreational  camps, are the best or the only  places  in which tourists can  reside temporarily .
Usually, these dormitories have the following facilities:
- A salon and/or a large room with bunk beds with a mattress, a pillow and a blanket (all of which are without sheets), several toilets and/or bathrooms (warm water may  not be  reliable),usually without refrigerator and kitchen equipment

Terms and conditions of dormitory use:
- Accepting team residence policy of separate female and male saloons; bringing a personal bed-sheet or sleeping bag.
Use the warm water economically so that others can also take shower.
Accepting the fact that the dormitory is not similar to hotel or their home and they have to accept the lack of equipment and team residence. Being positive, the dormitory can be a very good experience regardless of the lack of equipment. Although these dormitories are normally secure places, keeping personal belongings is the participant’s responsibility.

_____________________________________________Nutrition in trips_____________________________________

Where do we eat breakfast?
- Breakfast is often served in reliable restaurants in the route.

Should we bring our own meals or can we purchase them during the trip?
Sometimes participants are informed to bring a simple lunch as there won’t be any restaurants or shops during the trip. Sometimes, there would be a chance to buy your lunch from shops or eat in restaurants.
It is important to note that it would be possible to buy foods from supermarkets at the time of breakfast (but in case of bringing conserved foods, there are not facilities for boiling cans so the tourist has to boil them at home before the trip).

____________________________Expense of  trips and discounts in Arax group_____________________________

How much does a trip cost?
1-Expense of one-day trips:
-One-day trip typeA: 1,000,000 Rials (including complete insurance coverage, tourist and bicycle transfer, breakfast, midday entertainment, coach and leader)
- One day trip type B: 1,500,000 Rials (including bicycle, helmet, glove rent, complete insurance coverage, tourist and bicycle transfer, breakfast, midday entertainment, coach and leader)
In tours type B, the participant with their own bicycle would pay only 1,000,000 Rials as 500,000 Rials deduction due to their own bicycle.

2. Expense of multiple day trips:
The cost of these trips would be more than the cost of each day in one-day trips considering differ in costs of accommodation and food. But, overall, these costs would be estimated in the way that everyone with an average income can benefit this healthy experience with bicycle. So, the costs would be announced in the plans.

Is there any discount for trips?
Yes, for welfare of participants and to enable people from all levels of income to participate these entertaining programs, Arax has a discount system that can be found in the “membership and services” part of our website or please click on the link bellow:
Arax discount plans
Now, enter your information in membership section of the website and you will be informed about the time of tours at the beginning of every week.
Arax’s team with 5 years of professional experience in conducting cycling tours guarantees your satisfaction of these trips.
Enjoy your opportunities…

In case of any additional questions please contact us:

021-88198262 (5 lines)
Supervisor of Arax team